The fresh saskatoon berry season will be over soon in many areas

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/12/2017

Many members of the Institute that offer U-Pick are saying that the opportunity to pick saskatoons may be over within the next 5-7 days.

It may not be too late, yet.

South Island Saskatoons in Victoria Island, BC reports that they still have fruit ready to pick, but not for much longer.

Jacobs Farm in Traverse City, MI has fruit left on the bush as this post is being written, but much of that will be gone by the end of this coming weekend.

  • Here in Yukon, Saskatoons are just coming ready to harvest now, the third week of August.

    Our bushes were found growing on the Pelly River, and we dug and transplanted a four small plants three years ago. They struggled a bit the first year, caught really good the next, and are bearing fruit for the first time this year.


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