Spring Pruning of Saskatoon Bushes

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While pruning is not required for saskatoon bushes, it can be a valuable way to increase the size and ripeness of fruit. The picture below shows a field of pruned bushes. AJ pruning photo1   In the lane on the left you can see the brush that has been pruned. On the right, the brush has been chipped with a modified flail mower. This picture and description were provided by Amy MacArthur of AJ’s Garden & Produce (ajsberryfarm@gmail.com).

  • Hi there,

    I’m looking to start about an acre of Saskatoon on my farm and I’m trying to find information about pruning, but coming up short.

    Specifically, I want to know if I can keep them at a shorter height… Say 6 feet or below (as opposed to their natural height of 15-20feet. Is this an option? I want the berries to be part of a u pick operation, so a shorter bush would be preferable.

    Many thanks,

  • You can keep bushes pruned shorter, but it is important to understand that the fruit will be on the green branches which can grow about three feet a year. If the green growth is pruned away, the bush will not bear much fruit.

    You can cut the bushes right down to inches above the ground after about the fourth year, but that would then require 2-3 years of growth before fruit will mature.

    One other option is to prune different parts of the bush in different years, but this will reduce maximum yield.

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