The Saskatoon Berries Are Here!

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Fresh 2016 Saskatoon Berries are now available in northern Michigan, for a limited time only. The season is expected to last 2-3 weeks. Don’t miss out!

You can  find fresh berries at both of Oleson’s Food Markets (Traverse City locations only), The Village Markets in Elk Rapids and Rapid City as well as Evergreen Market on US 31 north of Acme.

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You can also buy fresh saskatoons at the Elk Rapids Farmers Market on Friday mornings for the next couple of weeks, along with saskatoon jam and pie fillings.

U-Pick is now available at Jacob’s Farm, The Saskatoon Berry Patch and Saskatoon Michigan. Locations and hours can be viewed at our Events page at: Other locations will be added as we learn of them.

Fresh berries are great to eat by the handful as well as on cereal and ice cream. They are also a great baking and jamming fruit.

There is really nothing else quite like a saskatoon berry. They look rather like blueberries, but they are much more closely associated with apples. They have a nutty almond-like flavor, and they are packed with nutrients as well as fiber, protein and antioxidants.

You can buy saskatoon berries now and freeze them, but you cannot buy them fresh after about the end of the month. This fruit is locally grown, but cannot grow in Mexico or southern California, so it is a summer only fruit. Don’t hesitate. Come to one of the locations shown above or visit other businesses or wild bushes and get yours today!

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