Sucrose As A Possible Bird Repellent

POSTED IN For Growers ON 6/29/2017

Birds are wonderful to have around, except when they are picking your pocket.

Many who hope to produce a significant harvest of saskatoons and other fruit can be confounded, just a day or two before harvest, by a swarm of hungry birds.

Many who would like to reduce their losses have no ill-intent towards birds. They do not want to hurt the birds. Rather, they seek to redirect the birds away from their cash crop in which they have made a significant investment of effort and money.

While we, at the Institute, have not yet identified the fool-proof (or bird-proof) method, we continue to seek options with some level of proven effectiveness. It is in this light that we provide this article by Carols Martinez del Rio, Michael L. Avery and Kristin E. Brugger.

Sucrose as a Feeding Deterrent for Fruit-Eating Birds

We are also aware that several have reported positive effects with Avian Control.

If you have had positive experiences over whole fields with other bird repellents, please let us know at:

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