How to Encourage Pollinating Bees and Increase Your Harvest

POSTED IN For Growers ON 2/12/2016

Rufus Isaacs presented “Support Your Local Pollinators” at the Saskatoon breakout session of the Northwestern Michigan Orchard and Vineyard Show on January 13, 2016. This program was part of a “birds and bees’ focus on methods to improve saskatoon berry crop harvests. Rufus discussed how to support native bees through their active seasons, the role and timing of pesticides, and ways to encourage and increase native bee populations around saskatoon orchards.

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Local pollinators: Wild bees that are beneficial to harvest

To see the complete PowerPoint presentation, as a pdf, click on this hyperlink: Isaacs – support your local pollinators 2016 – OV Saskatoon Session

Topics covered include:

  • Common wild bee identification techniques
  • Nesting habits
  • Seasonality
  • Effectiveness of pollen deposition
  • Wanna-bees – other non-bee insects that are pollinators
  • Creating and maintaining good pollinator habitat
  • Insecticide effect on pollinators by trade name
  • Ways to minimize insecticide effect on pollinators

Great job Rufus!  This is exactly what our growers needed!


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