2018 Saskatoon Pesticide Recommendation and Use Restrictions for The State of Michigan

POSTED IN For Growers ON 4/13/2018

The 2018 Saskatoon Pesticide Recommendation and Use Restrictions for Michigan are now available!  Thank you Dr “Duke” Elsner of Michigan State University Extension!

Dr. Erwin “Duke” Elsner, Michigan State University Extension and Northwest Michigan Horticultural Research Center

To see the document click on this URL: 2018 Saskatoon Pesticide Recommendations and Use Restrictions

  • Homeowner who has had a corner stand of Saskatoon berry trees in my backyard going on 25 years, and this is the first year that they have been infected with some type of bug and also a fungus. I went to the local green house to have the leaves assessed, and they recommended Ambush as a stronger product for the bug, as I already tried EndAll, and then for the fungus recommended GreenEarth BORDO copper spray. I am not sure if the copper spray is the correct spray for the Saskatoon berry tree?

  • Hello Sandra. Some of our folks have been trying to get labelling accepted for copper spray on saskatoons. To date, I am not aware that anyone has been successful. I do not see what your location might be. You best bet is probably to call or visit your local agricultural extension office. State and Provincial laws vary. Do you know what find you have? Is it Saskatoon/Juniper Rust?

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