Update on Status of Saskatoon Berry U-Pick Season 2015

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/30/2015

Well folks, the fresh saskatoons are just about gone from Michigan, according to reports received from Institute members.

Here is what we have learned so far, in order of availability of saskatoons:

Cross FarmsCross Farms still has some saskatoon berries, in good shape, and will continue U-Pick through Friday, July 31st. They will also have frozen berries, which you can purchase at the farm.



Screen Shot 2013-05-31 at 7.25.07 AMJacob’s Farm is just about out of berries, but still has a few. They also have other fruit still available, so they will remain open for U-Pick for some time yet.



Saskatoon MI Logo 4-color more distressedSaskatoon Michigan has no fresh fruit left, but they just made a batch of their https://supremeauctions.com/buy-coreg-online/ awesome fruit filling (for pie, scones, tarts, pancakes, ice cream, cream cheese, and other good stuff like that!), Saskatoon Berry and Saskatoon Rhubarb Fruit Fillings that is available in several local specialty markets. Saskatoon Steve will also be at the Traverse City Farmers Market on Saturdays starting August 1st with the fruit filling as well as jam and saskatoon/cherry fruit leather.

The Saskatoon Berry Patch in Williamsburg is plumb out of saskatoons for this year.

There are still other U-Pick farms that have been too busy to provide updates as of this hour. We will keep you posted as other reports come in.

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