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POSTED IN For Consumers ON 5/7/2013

Could there be a better way to start off this blog than to consider the great value of saskatoon berries for past generations?

Click on the Play arrow below to learn about how native Americans found and used this delightful berry.

  • We would like to purchase some plants to grow on our property. Please let me know how I can get some. Thank you.

  • Thank you for asking Ray. If you go to our Directory Tab and choose the Category “Nursery” you will find contact information for our members that sell small plants.

  • Hi Ray,
    My name is Steve Ducheney. I am a propagator and grower of Saskatoon plants and sell them as well. For more information please visit my website. http://www.saskatoonmichigan.com
    Thank you

  • I am seeing this website just before we are taking a cherry blossom “color tour” of the Leelanau Peninsula. Is there a place where we might stop to pick up some of these berries?

  • Good question! It all depends on what ‘just before’ means. If you mean in about a month, we should be close to ripe fruit. If you mean today, the best you can get is frozen fruit. Either way, check out the Directory tab to see where you can go to get some awesome fruit.

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