Do You Know How Many Saskatoon Berries Are Grown Each Year?

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/17/2015

The saskatoon berry industry expects to produce over 3 million pounds of saskatoon berries during the summer of 2015! You might wonder how many berries that is. Well, we are looking into that now. Our berry counters are working feverishly to get as accurate an answer as possible. Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 1.49.58 PM Unfortunately some of the berries seem to fall through the cracks in this calculation process. The next question you might ask is how many of those berries are in your share. That depends on how fleet of foot you are.  While there are enough saskatoon berries for everyone in North America, some consumers appear to hoard them, while others miss out all together. The good news is that you probably have another week or so to get out to a U-Pick near you. If you don’t know where they are, some of them are listed on the Directory tab of this website. If you can’t get out to pick your own fresh berries, there are a number of stores that sell fresh, frozen and/or processed saskatoons. This blog, and the directory page can tell you more. These berries grow in northern states in the USA and in most provinces of Canada. While the bushes grow in the southern states of the USA, they will rarely have berries. We know that there are saskatoon fans in Texas who must import their fruit. While we are sorry about this situation, we assure you that this situation is not of our own making. The fruit filling and jam, however, is of our own making, and we look forward to sharing those with y’all! So don’t ride into the sunset without your super fruit! Act now and put a purple smile on your face!

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