Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Was Not An Issue For Saskatoons in 2017

POSTED IN For Growers ON 11/3/2017

While Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD), an invasive species of fruit fly, did significant damage to fruit crops in Michigan in 2017, including cherries, raspberries and blueberries, there were literally zero reports of damage to saskatoon berry crops.

Saskatoon berries are harvested earlier in the summer than many other fruit varieties, which may have helped some. However, the SWD counts rose much earlier this year than in the past few years, which provided opportunities for damage, yet growers were spared.

The saving grace may be related to the character of the fruit itself. While saskatoons look much like blueberries, they are actually a pome fruit, a family of fruit that includes apples and pears.

The combination of season timing and fruit characteristics provide hope that, in this changing environment, saskatoons will remain a good crop for production, consumer satisfaction and economic return for growers.

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Background (From Michigan State University)
The Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) is a vinegar fly of East Asian origin that can cause damage to many fruit crops. This small insect has been in Hawaii since the 1980s, was detected in California in 2008, spread through the West Coast in 2009, and was detected in Florida, Utah, the Carolinas, Wisconsin and Michigan for the first time in 2010. Because the flies are only a few millimeters long and cannot fly very far, natural dispersion between states is unlikely. Human-assisted transportation is a more likely cause of the recent rapid spread. It appears that this insect has become widely established through North America.

Novel Berries Will Have Half-Day Breakout At The Great Lakes EXPO

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The 2017 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, Farm Market, and Greenhouse Growers EXPO will include a half-day breakout sessions on Novel berries on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 from 2:00 – 4:20 PM.

This breakout will include presentations on: , including: saskatoons, haskaps, aronia and goji berries.



The Expo is held annually in Grand Rapids, MI at Devos Place Conference Center and The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel.

4,200 people from 42 states and 8 Canadian provinces attended the 2016 Expo.

the 2017 Expo will include 70+ education sessions and workshops and 450+ tradeshow exhibitors.

Come learn more about how these berries can help you diversify your crops and affect your financial future.



2017 GL EXPO Education Program


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