Are You Forward Thinking?

POSTED IN For Consumers, For Growers ON 11/3/2015

The colors are brilliant. The air is crisp. The nights are longer. Fall Colors Soon the snow will fall, and then the holidays. Yup, spring is just around the corner. Are you thinking about planting saskatoon berries next year? This industry needs more growers to meet current demand. Whether you would grow for fun or profit, this is the time to place orders for next year. If you wait to place orders next summer, you will lose yet another year. Act now to have fruit of your own sooner! This is not to say that you can plant a bush, wait a few weeks, and have saskatoon berries.  Most plants, even when well cared for, will not have fruit until year 3 or 4 (after that, they have been known to produce for 50 years or more). There are some options to cut your lead time.  Some nurseries will grow out your ordered plants for 1 year or 2 years, reducing the time you would need to reserve space and care for them. However your bushes will still need to winter at least one year on your site before you get fruit. So don’t wait until the right year for a harvest.  Plan ahead! There are several sources for saskatoon plants (Amelanchier alnifolia – called bushes in some places and trees in other places). Those nurseries may have varied reputations regarding plant quality, shipping, and survival rates. So do your homework. You can see our member nurseries on our directory page. You can order plants for spring or fall planting. Fall planting often provides stronger plants with less risk of disease because they have been through a season already. You will want to note how the plants are being shipped: bare root, tube or pot. If you can plant with roots already in shipping dirt, they will generally adjust more quickly to your property. Avoid the result of the sign maker who created this: Plan Ahead   Make you plan BEFORE it is time to execute, and then put it into action. If you have questions, feel free to raise them here, or contact a nursery.