Time Magazine Reports On Saskatoon Berries

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Time Logo The news magazine “Time” ran a story in their current issue saying that Americans want to change the name of saskatoon berries. Amelanchier varieties have, throughout the last few hundred year, had several names in various regions and languages. While some may use a different name, it is clearly not true of this organization. We would not be The Saskatoon Berry Institute of North America if we had decided to use a different name for the fruit. Of course, regardless of what it is called, these berries are great tasting, healthy snacks. Amelanchiers are native to several parts of Canada and the U.S. The story points out that commercial production of saskatoon berries really started in Canada, for which we are thankful. Dragon’s Den, the show in which Sandra Purdy pitched her project, is like Shark Tank in the U.S., and brought a great deal of attention in Canada to the commercial production of saskatoons. For our part, we are not looking for a fight. We like the Super-Food, but not the concept of a “War” as reflected in Time’s article. We love what we do, and we love seeing the faces of those who try saskatoons for the first time. Thank you, Time, for introducing many more Americans to this fruit. And thank you to the Canadians who had the foresight to mass produce saskatoons. To read the article, click here.

Tom’s Food Markets Have Saskatoons from Cross Farms

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Tom's Food MarketsThe Traverse City Record-Eagle reported, over this past weekend, on saskatoons from Cross Farms being available at Tom’s Markets.

You can find the full story at: http://m.record-eagle.com/TRE/db_271186/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=pTmnWTBh&full=true#display

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.31.32 AMThis is certainly a blessing for our region.  While the season has ended for many other farms in Northern Michigan, Cross Farms enjoys this harvest window due to their location on the north end of Leelanau County.

If you want fresh saskatoons, this may be the final week for 2014.