Saskatoons Spark Significant Sparty Stimulation

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Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.41.57 PMAutumn Fest, an annual event held on the Michigan State University campus, occurred this year on Saturday, November 2nd, and The Saskatoon Berry Institute of North America was there. Sparty appears to indicate that he selected saskatoons as the number one entry at the Autumn Fest, though no on witnessed his taste test.

This was a great opportunity to showcase produce and processing technologies for fans of MSU and also The University of Michigan, as they apparently had a common event later that afternoon. Many who came to the table had not previously heard of saskatoons, and were thankful to have been introduced. In the picture below you can see some of the crowd that came over to investigate.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.51.54 PM

As shown below, SBINA distributed dried saskatoon berries (in plastic cups), saskatoon jam on crackers (donated by AJ’s berry Farm), and a really tasty dip made with saskatoons and cream cheese (from Saskatoon Michigan).

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.44.21 PM

Our thanks to Bob and Brenda Ricksgers and Duke Elsner for staffing the booth.



If you were there, please let us know what you thought.

Saskatoons Ready For Processing

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This is how saskatoons are collected in bulk, to be used in jams, pies, syrups, and variety of baked goods. Some farms also provide fruit to wineries and distilleries.Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 1.46.20 PM

What’s Happening On The Back End of The Saskatoon Berry Harvesting Machine?

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This video shows how the berries are collected. The bushes are not harmed, and will be bigger have even more berries next year.


For Those Who Love Big Machines, Here is a Saskatoon Berry Picking Machine

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While AJ’s Berry Farm is primarily a U Pick site, the berries that have been unpicked during the season can be harvested with this handy dandy machine. Learn more about AJ at

It Has Been A Good Year For Saskatoon Berry Harvest!

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Many mature plants had a good production in 2013. In fact, many producers through the US and Canada have very low inventory of dried and frozen berries coming into the winter months. We look forward to farms with younger bushes joining us in the coming year or two,  boosting overall production of saskatoon berries. In fact, we have some distribution channels that would be more open to us when we succeed in significantly increasing production. If you have a farm with room for hundreds or thousands of plants, and you want to get in on this hardy fruit, please contact us. We are also cheering on households that have just a few bushes. Please let us know about your 2013 experiences with growing and using your saskatoon berries. In this post we want to share a few pictures of bushes with berries, and a yummy handful of ripe berries.

A bush, mid-season

berries on plants 9

A close up of a branch

berries on plants 4

A handful of hand-picked berries

berries in hand