U-Pick saskatoon season going fast in Michigan

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/9/2018

Some Michigan U-Pick locations are already finished for 2018 due to this summer’s heat.  Others may only make it another week or so.

If you have not yet picked a date for picking, and you are serious about getting some berries this year, please make plans soon.

To see which Institute members are still open for U-Pick this year, click on the Events tab at the top of this page, where you can see a calendar which provides hours and mapping information.

See a calendar display of where you can pick fresh fruit during the month of July

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 6/26/2018

Click on the Events tab (at the top of the page) to see a calendar display of where you can pick fresh fruit during the month of July!


Our members report their hours to help you find the best in fresh fruit.

Some good news for this year!

POSTED IN For Consumers, For Growers, For Members ON 6/23/2018

Well, the weather appears to have been helpful for saskatoons as well as other seasonal fruit.

First off, at least some farms are seeing their fruit come in earlier than last year! Check out our directory for U-Pick locations, and by the end of this week the calendar on our website should also include actual hours for U-Pick for our members.

Secondly, a new dreaded pest seems to have been kept at bay.  While Spotted Wing Drosophila (one of the newer fruit flies in the North America) had very little impact on saskatoons for most farms last year, Michigan State University reports that their development is even father behind schedule than last year, apparently related to weather. For more on that, follow this link:


So plan ahead! Figure out how you can get your fresh fruit before it runs out! Last year the season, for many growers, was only about three weeks long, and much of the fruit was picked before the end of the second week. Best wishes to you all in getting your 2018 supply in a timely fashion, and enjoying saskatoons fresh, and in so many yummy recipes!

Blockchain On The Farm?

POSTED IN For Consumers, For Growers ON 2/9/2018

You have heard of blockchain, right? 

The best known blockchain is Bitcoin, but this is NOT a get rich quick blog.

The concept of Blockchain provides a resource to have access to a lot of information that you wished you could have had in the past. For instance, when you bought that lug of blueberries, did you wonder if they all came from the same source? Did you think about the fact they could have been allowed to warm up during shipping? Did you wish you knew what day that they were picked?  The world is getting closer to providing these answers and many more.

Consumers will, for the most part, be thrilled, but what about the growers? Well, in this case, if you are hoping to work with other growers for a bulk order going to a major processor, you will be thrilled too.

This article, from Modern Farmer, lays out more detail on how Blockchain (even totally separated from financial transactions) will be a big help, but will also change the way we farm every day:

The Blockchain Comes to Agriculture


Overnight Baked Oatmeal with saskatoon berries

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 1/11/2018

Hey fans, here is a recipe that practically makes itself, and brings you yummy, warm food for these cold winter mornings!

Warm, yummy breakfast with saskatoon berries

Catch the recipe and the video at:

CTV News Regina

If you are ready to try this out, please let us know, and we will see what we can do to come join you!

Bon appetite!

The fresh saskatoon berry season will be over soon in many areas

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/12/2017

Many members of the Institute that offer U-Pick are saying that the opportunity to pick saskatoons may be over within the next 5-7 days.

It may not be too late, yet.

South Island Saskatoons in Victoria Island, BC reports that they still have fruit ready to pick, but not for much longer.

Jacobs Farm in Traverse City, MI has fruit left on the bush as this post is being written, but much of that will be gone by the end of this coming weekend.

Saskatoons arrive in Elk Rapids Farmers Market

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/2/2017

UPDATE: Saskatoon Michigan reports that business has been very good and their fresh fruit is now depleted. So they will have no more fresh fruit to sell at the Elk Rapids Farmers market until 2018.


Saskatoon Michigan has a booth at the Elk Rapids Farmers Market, which is open Fridays from 8:00 – Noon.

Fresh berries will last only a few weeks.

Other available products include saskatoon jam and saskatoon pie filling.

Whichever form you prefer, saskatoons are unique, healthy and refreshing.

Jacobs Farm now has saskatoons ready to U-Pick!

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 7/2/2017

Stop by and see us!  Pick a pint or a while pale!  Bring the kids. Fun for the whole family!

Open from sunrise to sunset.

We have some strawberries left too, and the raspberries will be ready soon.

The saskatoons will only be here for about 3 weeks, so don’t delay.

Jacobs Farm Enterprises, LLC

The saskatoons are coming! Come pick scrumptious berries at Saskatoon Michigan!

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 6/23/2017

We have our first report of U-Pick hours for saskatoons! Saskatoon Michigan, in Northern Michigan, is the first to be ready for you to come pick fresh saskatoons. The season may last only about 3 weeks, so make your plans now!


Learn more at: http://saskatoonberryinstitute.org/sbi-events/saskatoon-michigan-u-pick-open/


Saskatoon Michigan welcomes you

Look for the Saskatoon Michigan sign.

Frozen Saskatoons Available in Michigan

POSTED IN For Consumers ON 8/18/2016

If you missed the fresh saskatoon season, you can still get frozen saskatoons in Michigan.

In northern Michigan individuals, chefs, restaurants and food processors can purchase frozen saskatoons at Oleson’s Food Store in Petoskey – 2000 US-31, Petoskey, MI 49770

In southern Michigan restaurants and food processors can purchase frozen saskatoons from Del Bene Produce.

Frozen saskatoons can be used in sauces, vinaigrette, baked goods, ice cream, beverages and or there tasty dishes.